Drops in a Storm [a two-part series]

Drops in a Storm [a two-part series]

Journaling this summer brought me to write two poems, two months apart. I suppose I’ve been feeling my judgement is cloudy, because they have the same stormy imagery. I wasn’t sure which should go first, but I think that they can be read in either order.



Far from home and the safety we’ve known
In a vast landscape with a different life
It’s good to get out of your comfort zone
No matter the path, problems will be rife

Many patterns exist but are new to us
Clouds can just be a wonder to behold
Rather than signal what is dangerous
It just seems to us to be a bit of cold

We hold hope for the sun, wait for the light
Not yet ready to abandon our plans
Though we are strong, the clouds can fight
The winds will jump in to show nature got hands

It starts with drops, the signs we ignore
And then I end left alone in the storm



The weight of the world is comprised of drops
We can avoid one, but can’t avoid them all
It’s drops en masse that cause life to stop
In most failures we see this metaphor called

With break-ups, breakdowns, and all things in life
Rarely it’s one thing that causes the end
Long before we’re confronted with strife
The signs are ignored of a general trend

Dismissal, avoidance, failure to best
Either way the issues stand and grow
Throughout the trials they all will attest
They could’ve been addressed, but instead were let go

At least you learned what you won’t allow
It’s brave and vital to go out on a limb
What’s done is done and what’s left is now
The future will come and go on a whim

I accept where I am and stand by my word
To take time to find what’s worth moving towards


views from a recent airport arrival through a storm

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