In defense of the rhyming poem

In defense of the rhyming poem

Many today will shit on rhyme schemes
Perhaps now it’s the cool thing to do
But different are all our thoughts and daydreams
And how we choose to express them too

There are merits to this limit you see
For otherwise I would write all day
With no form comes added difficulty
In finding and choosing which words to say

Of course we can write however we want
And are free to express ourselves to our liking
Yet a rhyme scheme now can invite cruel taunts
And critique rooted in stereotyping

But rhymes are essential to many arts
At least in songs and catchy slogans
This way the words stick in heads and our hearts
Perhaps repeating like a record that’s broken

What better way to send a mass call
With words that require wit and precision
Broken in pieces digestible for all
And all while sharing a desired vision

This poem could’ve easily been a post
Filled with examples and words galore
But writing this proved my point the most
That rhymes are a style we all can adore 

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