All aboard and into the void!

All aboard and into the void!

As an elder (12 years strong) tweeter, there are few things I am more familiar with than shouting into the void. On most social media I post and share content that makes me appreciate, think, and laugh about life. My websites also serve as my own carved out section of the void. That said, Twitter is the premier website for unsolicited opinions.

A recent encounter inspired me to write a poem I think applies to most of the internet. It was one of those tangential argument threads where one stranger asked another, “did anyone even ask you?” As if the world begs for any of our thoughts on every single issue. No one asked, no one cares, and yet here we are. Writing poems on the internet.


Into the Void

Every event deserves my opinion
And so I publish in the public eye
All topics exist within my dominion
If you don’t like it, you can scroll on by

The void is full of laughter and terror
My words get lost in the stream of chatter
But when a troll gets wind of an error
Mobs descend and lose sense of what matters

Our trains of thought were meant for different tracks
Shout all you want, but know the void screams back


me ripping paper as a teenager

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