Dearest right triangle: a poem in two dimensions

Dearest right triangle: a poem in two dimensions

Once upon a time, a young lady sat in her Honors Geometry class blasting Ke$ha on her iPod and imagined a world in which two congruent right-triangles started dating. Naturally, all things must come to an end. It was presumably this thought that led me to write a break-up poem/letter from one triangle to another at 8AM in class. Now this poem sees the light of the internet, complete with comics I completed this month.

Dearest Right Triangle

We are a match made in textbooks
Congruent in every way
But that doesn’t change the fact
I have something to say
The way I feel when we’re together
It’s a feeling that rocks
But it’s really quite annoying
When you put us in a box

I won’t always fit in your box
I know I won’t stay the same
We’re not done growing after all
And you can’t handle the change
I love how our sides are equal,
Yours perfectly equal to mine,
And I love the square we form
When our hypotenuses align

But its a brother- sister love,
And because we share A-B-C-D
We’re far too much alike
And you kind of annoy me

Its not your small angle measures
Or your segments are rather short
Its you expect me to be down in the box
And I’m not that kind of sort

Someone obtuse with longer segments
Is who I happened to find
He makes me feel protected
And he’s big, strong and kind

I know there’s someone out there
With whom you’ll share congruency
And though you thought your “one” was me
We only match physically!

Your Geometric Twin


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