Lessons from the streets: dating in the modern age

Lessons from the streets: dating in the modern age

After a recent extended break (and breakup) from online dating, I got to thinking about my extensive dating history. Dates have always been a sort of mini sociological experiment for me. Sure, love is also a pursuit, but she is tough to find and it is so much more fun to observe the ways in which people pursue connection. People watching is great, but the best experiments introduce some variability. As the dependent variable on my dates, the independent variables have been….enlightening. I don’t have a slideshow with my Dating Wrapped, but I DID write a poem.

Some might say I belong to the streets
Siren songs boom with complex melodies
Fire bars with scores of people to meet
Who once showed promise but now all dead to me

The streets have infinite paths to despair
These ways spare few who dare take the leap
Connection is common but good fits are rare
And no one is safe from the try hard creep

In this climate we’re snowflakes of lust
A flurry of hormones and quirks abound
We game to balance our freedoms and trust
With weights thrown off by the smallest of pounds

The best part of playing is changing the play
Try for the ones in suits—or sweats—no school
Come to find out at the end of the day
The clothes don’t reflect the health of this pool

To swim the seas of dating works you out
Sure it’s hard but you also get stronger
And while it’s tough to proceed with no doubts
At least you can find someone who’s wronger

All this dating brought endless lessons learned
A spark can bring fireworks or just leave you burned


Sou bem-educada, e agora vou te ensinar.

Bem-educada sounds both like well-mannered but also educated, so maybe a Portuguese pun?

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